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It’ll be OK on the Night

On the 9th and 10th of March we had our first performances for 2018.

‘It’ll Be Ok on the Night’.

A series of early 1950s radio plays. These were performed as radio plays, complete with microphones, sound equipment and sound effects (and scripts). The production was a huge success with a full house and those in the community who missed out are lamenting it, and wanting encore performances.


Cast of ‘It’ll Be Ok on the Night’, and thanks to our sponsor The Bacchus Marsh Community Bank who helped us to ensure we could do our first production.

The show included three radio plays from the Easy Aces radio comedy series that aired between 1930 and 1945.

Jane’s Mother Comes To Visit;

When Jane Ace informs her husband that her mother is visiting for the holidays. She is travelling from California to New York for the climate. She needs to be near the seashore and California is 3,000 miles away from the ocean. When Jane tells their maid, Mrs Bell, that her mother is visiting, Mrs, Bell refuses to look after a 3rd person. Her contract dictates that she only has to look after 2 people. She tells Jane to make a choice and when Jane chooses her mother Mrs. Bell decides to strike and start a picket line. Whilst Jane is sorting this out she rings Ace to pick up her mother from the train station at 3pm. When he arrives at the station he finds out that the train is 2 hours late as a carriage had been uncoupled by a little old lady. When Ace finally gets ‘em all home Jane’s mother doesn’t want to be a bother and tells Jane she is going for a nap and to wake her in time for dinner and that’s when the fun begins.

The Cast;

Announcer: Carl Reeson Mrs. Bell: Irena Fitzsimon Miss Anderson: Irene Hogan Mother: Laurel Janson Mr. Ace: Peter Rickards Jane Ace: Safiye Vurdu Ken Roberts: Stephen Houghton On stage sound effects Debbie Barker

Irma and Jane See A Ghost;

Irma and Jane try to get some sleep, but Irma is too restless as she has her thoughts clouded by work, the milkman, and then sees a ghost. Is it just her imagination? Even the level headed Jane claims that she has also seen the ghost. when Professor Wanderkin Kropotkin (The Maestro) visits, he says that he saw the ghost too. Can you detect a trend going on here? The ghost seems to only make appearances on Tuesday nights. Should they tell Mrs. O’Reilly about the strange sightings? For some reason they think their landlady will evict them for reporting the haunting. Can the brave Al protect his girlfriend from the ghost? After a sleepless night, Irma can’t stay alert on the job, although Mr. Clyde has a hard time telling the difference. Time passes and the girls are too afraid to sleep, but it’s Tuesday again. The time has come for action, and the professor joins the girls in their attempt to catch the ghost. will their worries come true that Mrs. O’Reilly will evict them for telling about the haunted hallway? The truth is about to be revealed, but I don’t think Mrs. O’Reilly’s seance has anything to do about it. Well, maybe it helps to provide a few last moment laughs.

The Cast;

Announcer: Carl Reeson Voice Carl Reeson Mr. Klein: Carl Reeson Irma: Irena Fitzsimon Mrs. Martin: Irene Hogan Mrs. O’Reilly: Laurel Janson Maestro: Peter Rickards Jane: Safiye Vurdu Al: Stephen Houghton

Jane Serves On A Jury;

Jane panics when she receives a summons to serve on a jury. She explains to Ace that she didn’t mean to bang on the gum machine, but it took her money and didn’t give her the gum. Then Jane’s brother Paul visits for breakfast and an over excited Jane explains her jury duty to Paul. Meanwhile Paul is more interested with his problems at work at the construction site. After breakfast Jane goes to court and is finally selected to serve on the jury for a traffic accident case. Jane then asks if the judge can call her when Ace rings her to see how she is going. Then the defense council asks for a recess, as they have a surprise witness. As the judges’ blood pressure finally gets to him, his grasp on the day’s proceedings are lost. The next day doesn’t fare much better. Jane asks her cousin Sally, who is Mr. Aces Secretary, to stand in for her at the court while Jane gets her hair done. The courtroom erupts with laughter after Jane finally arrives at the court, which forces the judge to clear the room of all spectators. Jane also leaves the courtroom and goes to another courtroom where she is threatened with Contempt of Court for 2 cases at the same time. How will Jane get through all this?

The Cast;

Announcer: Carl Reeson Lawyer – Lawyer in another case: Carl Reeson Paul: Carl Reeson Judge Edwards: David Leach Ms Brown – Prosecutor: Irena Fitzsimon Judge Moreley – Judge in another case: Irena Fitzsimon Mrs. Delmar – Defendant in another case: Irene Hogan Sally Anderson: Irene Hogan Ms Wagnalls Laurel Janson Baker Laurel Janson Mr. Ace: Peter Rickards Jane Ace: Safiye Vurdu Court Clerk: Stephen Houghton Ken Roberts: Stephen Houghton Ms Jenkins – Stand in Prosecutor: Sylvia Gallahger Whiteley – Prospective Juror: Sylvia Gallagher

Our talented Production team for the show;

Director – Bruce Carboon Costume and On Stage Sound Effects – Debbie Barker Costume – Irena Fitzsimon

Production Staff – Susie Barrow Production Staff and Musician – Stephen Houghton Production Staff – Cherry Waterbury

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