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Our Early Days

Moonlite Theatre began in mid 2017 with a group of people who wanted to start an amateur theatre group in our local area. There are such groups in Ballarat, Geelong and of course the suburbs of Melbourne, but none here in Bacchus Marsh and Melton areas.

There had been a amateur theatre group in Bacchus Marsh for some time, known as the Bacchus Marsh Players, but it has not been running for a number of decades now (not since the 20th century).

2017 saw us gathering some interested folk together, working out our plans and ultimately incorporating. We went through a number of name ideas, including perhaps adopting the old Bacchus Marsh Players name, but then we thought we should leave that as the heritage name for the original troupe.

Our incorporated name became the Bacchus Marsh & Melton Districts Community Theatre Inc. Nicely descriptive but somewhat difficult to rattle off the tongue.

Ultimately we have come up with our ‘stage name’, which is the Moonlite Theatre. And yes, that is how we want it spelt. It is named in honour of one of our infamous residents in the 1860s. Moonlite was the spelling Andrew George Scott adopted as his persona as Captain Moonlite.

So, welcome to the Moonlite Theatre.

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Below is a link to an early newspaper article from our the early days.

Moorabool News, April 4th, 2017


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